Lab Contender 3 MONTHS (36 classes in 3 months)


30 classes of 50′ at high intensity time intervals. Train endurance, strength and coordination, tone muscles and discharge all your energy to the Punching bag by learning the basic techniques of Boxing and KickBoxing.



36 Classes in 3 Months, you are a real Contender Boxing Lab! The Boxing Lab Workout is set up to welcome any type of athlete: from those who undertake this type oh training for the first time to those who are already an experienced athlete. The Class, led by a Trainer, will perform bodyweight exercises or with small overloads, such as dumbbells and medicine balls, alternating with Boxing or KickBoxing punching bag techniques.
Get ready to live the Boxing Lab experience

**Without the Lab Member it is not possible to attend the Boxing Lab Classes**. It is an annual insurance fee which must be subscribed when registering for Boxing Lab (purchase of the first package). In addition to guaranteeing the person’s insurance coverage, it allows you to suspend the purchased packages, extending the deadline, in the periods in which you are unable to attend the Lab. It is possible to suspend it 2 times, for a maximum of 1 month in total.



Boxing Lab